Wednesday, June 13, 2007

June crunch

Late spring is always a stressful time in our house. It's the end of the school year for Rain Dog, who must plan lessons and write final exams even as his students check out of class (most mentally, some physically). For the last four years, it's also been the time I need to complete Police & Security News' annual body armor update - tracking industry trends and reporting on the latest and greatest in body armor.

Needless to say, some aspects of child-rearing tend to slide during this time of year. Like fun trips to the park. And discipline. By mid-June, I may be able to talk about the latest and greatest aramid-polyethylene hybrids - but I'm more likely to be using my time and energy getting Hamlet to stop "comforting" Boris by blowing raspberries in his face (or worse).

A week from now I hope to be a lot more relaxed and believing that there is indeed more to life than time-outs and poopy diapers. But for now? Survival mode. Or else I'm going to find that person who said "You never regret the kids you have, only the ones you don't" and use her as a body-armor test model.


Blogger Meg said...

Thanks for the advance warning. ;-)

13/6/07 9:04 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Of course, now I really want to know how effective aramid-polyethylene hybrids are at repelling projectile raspberries...

14/6/07 8:58 AM  
Blogger PT-LawMom said...

Hope the relaxation comes your way quickly. (((HUGS)))

14/6/07 9:49 AM  
Blogger pattinase (abbott) said...

Somehow I think something was lost in that quote. I always thought Be Fruitful and Multiple only worked if you had childcare help and a maid.

15/6/07 11:10 AM  
Blogger Christa M. Miller said...

Mom, I was talking about the person who came up with the idea originally.

Chris, projectile raspberries are considered "Special Threat Ammunition" not covered by NIJ standards. So body armor must be specially engineered to defeat them.

LawMom, thanks hon. My stress pales in comparison to yours!

Patti, I could not agree more!!

17/6/07 10:12 AM  

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