Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Getting back to normal

My deepest gratitude goes to all who responded in the last few weeks, both via private email and comments. It was so helpful to know your thoughts and prayers and empathy were with me.

I've spent the last few weeks readjusting my beliefs and expectations. I took a lot for granted, and also found opportunities to fill in some missing spots in my life: a craving for good friends, a wish that I was better at son-bonding. Somehow, the work-life balance has become easier since I miscarried. I'm not yet sure why.

I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I'm not very good at grieving. I've found over the years that I have to move forward, put losses into the context of my life instead of dwelling on them and on myself. I've spent these last few weeks doing just that: taking on more work, doing more with my son, and, in a signal that I am indeed returning to "normal," worrying about all the things I haven't been able to get to. Updating this blog, for one thing (that includes the promised author interviews), my website, and various other business-related issues. Not to mention the housework.

More coming soon (I hope). I just wanted to update. Many more thanks to you all!


Blogger Meg said...

Housework?! You're seriously concerned about falling behind in HOUSEWORK?!?! I guess it's time to let you in on the Big Secret of Housework:


Or as one woman says she plans to have engraved on her tombstone: "At last her laundry's done."

I could never have coped with all you do, the job, the kiddo, the internet. You're doing fine, and besides, you have built-in "help" for the housework: Doesn't the boy still love brooms? ;-)

Love you!

3/11/05 5:30 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

I'm with Meg - see how the little guy can help out. I was beginning to worry about you - your being gone so long and all. I'm happy to "see" you. :-)

If you ever get loaded with too much work, let me know. ;-) Right now I could use something heavy to balance my load here.

We'll be looking for those author interviews.....

Take care!


3/11/05 11:29 AM  
Blogger Mary Louisa said...

So glad to see you back, friend. :)

6/11/05 12:04 AM  

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