Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New school year, new schedule

My husband went back to work Monday. In part because this month was so awful (though nothing in comparison to those who have lost homes and loved ones in Louisiana and Mississippi), I couldn't wait to get back to a normal routine. However, I've found now that it needs serious rethinking.

Last spring: The boy was still in his crib. I would wake between 5 and 6 a.m. and work until he woke around 8 a.m. I would play with him and in between I would catch up on blogs, email, and other Internet social-type things. Around noon he would nap, and I would work again for another two hours. After that my husband would come home around 3 p.m., and I would either go exercise, or work if I had a deadline.

This fall: We moved the boy into a toddler bed. He'd been showing signs of insecurity at night and we thought he was tired of his crib. He was - he was tired of not being able to get out of it. Now he's back to sleeping with us, more often than not. Although I love the cosleeping, had missed it for the year or so we weren't doing it, it's the catalyst forcing the schedule change.

Now, my husband wakes around 5:20; so do I, and the boy stirs. I stay in bed with him and have ended up falling asleep again. We both wake around 8 a.m. So much for early morning work. (We did try to move him into his toddler bed, but he wakes up.) He still has an afternoon nap, and I can still catch up on things during playtime. My husband still comes home around 3 p.m. and I still intend to exercise.

The catch: no morning work time means pushing it into late night. This is much more awkward. The boy has started needing our presence to go to sleep again, which might take up to half an hour. We try to switch off, and last night was my turn. I fell deeply asleep. If I manage not to do that, "together" time should be happening in the evenings, along with the resistance training I am trying to start again. Working into the wee hours? I'm not so sure. I'm not at my best after a full day of chasing a two-year-old.

I'm taking suggestions. Meantime, when I do find a rhythm, I'll let you know.


Blogger Mary Louisa said...

No suggestions here, only ears to listen and a head to nod in understanding. I keep thinking that I will write in the evenings, but it's the only time I have alone with my husband. No matter how obsessive I am about working on my novel, I still realize it's a mistake to neglect our relationship. This writing life is tough!

2/9/05 1:27 PM  
Blogger maybaby said...

This is a universal problem with moms or dads who work from home.

I'm still having problems scheduling things with my three children (13,11 and 5). I work part time as a preschool teacher and I'm just now seriously getting back into my freelance work.I haven't pushed it too hard since my youngest was born.

The best advice I can give is to just take it a day at a time. Toddler's sleep needs change as they grow. Some days you'll be able to work more, some less. One thing I've done is to partner up with a friend...I watched her kids a couple of hours and then she watched mine. We both had a day or two a week that we got very productive work long as no one got sick, etc.

Hang in there. Eventually they go to school.

2/9/05 5:47 PM  

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