Thursday, September 01, 2005

The wardrobe, location, and commute are different

It's the comments that are the same.

Recently a family member expressed the opinion that leaving my son in his room for up to 1/2 hour while I take a phone call or two is neglectful. Never mind that I explain to him where I'm going and what I'm doing and that I'll come back and do something fun with him. Never mind that I follow through on that promise. Or, on the other end, that my son seems perfectly content to look at books and play with trucks alone upstairs. I know what he'd be doing if he didn't want to be up there: he'd be yelling and screaming. That, I would not abide. But it's not good enough.

Said family member also believes daycare is abusive, so although leaving him in his room is neglectful and bad for his socialization, apparently his being around other kids wouldn't be good for him either.

If you currently work out of the home and you think working at home would solve all your problems with nosy family and friends, think again. It solves some. It may solve all, if your loved ones are especially supportive. But it's hard not to come across just one who thinks she can do it better than you. And it definitely comes with a host of different problems.

Although I can't see myself ever going back to work except in a real emergency, I still say: it's not for everyone. Be careful what you wish for, and be prepared. Even when it's the right job, sometimes it still feels like you can't get anything right.


Blogger Meg said...

Let me guess. Said family member is one of those who doesn't have children.

This is the one difference in child-rearing that makes me nervous as hell about people having children these days: Anyone who takes exception to the way you rear your children can report you to Social Services, and once that happens, they stick to you like gum on a shoe. *Especially* if the family unit is a traditional one. As you may recall, from certain neighbors we have had, you can be pretty much any kind of a lousy parent as long as you are in the welfare system; then they leave you alone. It's when you are doing your level best to be the best you can be that they Descend.

OK, rant over (for now). Suggest you tell said family member that when she has children of her own (which she never will), then she can offer opinions on the subject.

2/9/05 4:04 AM  
Blogger Ronn said...

That's crap! The boy can entertain himself for a half hour. Sounds like said family member has some screwy ideas about child rearing.

2/9/05 8:34 AM  

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