Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The What's On Your Desk? Meme

I don't do many of these, mainly because 1) I have no time, 2) many of them aren't relevant to my subject matter (and I'm anal about that!) and 3) I'm always a bit leery of posting personal information online under my real name. However, this one will work!

What's on my desk:
  • Flat panel monitor (Dell). I'm being specific because I love this thing. How did I survive for so long with a CRT?
  • Speakers.
  • Headphones. Which I can only use when the husband is around to watch Hamlet, because otherwise I will never hear "That" sound - or silence - that I must check on.
  • Pencil sharpener. Hamlet likes to sit on my lap and use pencils. He also likes to "try" the pencil sharpener. So I have to keep it within eyeshot and out of his reach.
  • Keyboard. Normal, not ergonomic.
  • Two pens - ballpoint and fountain. I'm anal about these too. The ballpoint is for freelance work. The fountain pen is for fiction. Hey, writers are supposed to have quirks, right?
  • My watch, which I normally don't wear but try to have on hand for those rare times I do need it.
  • PDA cradle, currently with PDA attached.
  • Memory stick/keychain/PR thing that one of my source companies sent me. Not as cool as the memory stick/pen they sent me the year before that, but it's memory. And at least I can tell which novel is on which.
  • Pile of paper scraps with phone numbers and other info that I need to go through.
  • "Typewriter" paperweight/pad holder. Contains empty scrap paper.
  • Letter "T" from refrigerator magnet set that lost its magnet.
  • Answering machine.
  • DSL modem.
  • Telephone. (Should be cordless, but isn't.)
  • Loose paper organizer. Holds letter-sized things, but not those scraps, dang it!
  • My computer. (On top of this are my pregnancy journal, various CDs, a book, Hamlet's scribbling paper, and a game he was trying to destroy.)
That's my desk - not the file cabinet beside it that I use for a desk extension. I won't get into that.

Aren't you glad you asked, ML?


Blogger Daniel Hatadi said...

It's all in the details, isn't it?

Still, I decided to go against the grain and come up with my own variation.

15/8/06 7:56 PM  
Blogger Mary Louisa said...

I love finding out what things are important to writers. Fascinated by your pen choices, btw.

16/8/06 11:48 AM  

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