Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Caught flashing again

Yup, I have another short story posted at Flashing in the Gutters. Read "Detachment Parenting" here.

I'm hoping this is just the beginning of my fiction career. Time (and the amount of effort I put into it) will tell. In the meantime, I've been trying to figure out what that means for blogging. So far, blogging about how I reconcile parenting and writing has gone pretty well. I've noticed, though, that other crime writers post their observations about that specific industry: books, book reviews, conferences, and so forth. Not much having to do with kids there.

I'm loath to end this blog because I didn't really hit a stride with fiction until after I had my son. Writing and mothering are, for me, inextricably entwined (hence the blog title). Suddenly the world took on a different dimension. Before, I'd lived outside life, not fully participating. Things didn't matter to me as much before his birth. You could say I couldn't quite feel. So, I really like blogging about how the two aspects of my life converge.

I've thought about starting a writing-only blog, but with little time to run this one as it is, I fear I wouldn't be able to devote as much time to it - or say anything particularly original - as others. Group blogging might be fun, although a friend and fellow crime writer I've approached thinks she has nothing to contribute because she is "only" working on her first draft. Well, we'll see about that....

Meantime, I haven't forgotten about my promise to include interviews with other mother-writers. I've been trying to time those with book launches to help fellow authors along, but with an appreciable lack of time to research such matters, I might end up just doing random monthly ones to keep things going. Have to think about that a little more. If you're a mom who writes professionally with kids of any age living at home, drop me a line - I'd love to hear from you! (By "professionally" I mean with an eye toward publication, even if you haven't already been published.)

I'll be thinking meanwhile about the kind of writing talk I can accomplish that relates to parenting. For now, I'm guessing I'll have to forego dialogue talk, considering the boy's speech delay... though there is that post I've been wanting to do about how early intervention speech therapy is piquing his interest in reading, which can only serve to create a new book-lover/buyer....


Blogger Mary Louisa said...

Another kick-ass flash, sister. You make it seem so effortless!

Pulleeeeeze keep blogging about kids and writing. You are helping me hang on to whatever shreds of sanity I still have flapping in the breezy cavern that is my brain. See? I need you.

Now, about that person who says "she has nothing to contribute because she is "only" working on her first draft." She may be willing to work with you. Give her some concrete details and we'll...I mean y'all can talk.

8/3/06 1:15 PM  
Blogger Meg said...

I really hope you'll keep the blog. I know it puts extra pressure on you to write, but what you write, both blogging and "flashing," is -- well -- not "entertaining," exactly, but *very* thought-provoking, and I like that best of all.

8/3/06 2:26 PM  
Anonymous Hope Wilbanks said...

Great fiction, Christa! I agree with them....keep the blog. Blog about what you want to blog about. ;)

11/3/06 10:11 AM  
Blogger anne frasier said...

loved your latest flash, christa!

18/3/06 12:36 AM  
Blogger Bethany said...

It's all about blogging about what you want really. As for me-- writing, mommyhood, stress, life, it's all the same ain't it? :-)

Keep at it, well, when you have the time.

19/3/06 4:19 PM  
Anonymous Silandara said...

Funny, I've been in the same place. I'm starting a PR and commercial writing business with a fellow mommy and have thought that I should start another blog to write about that stuff. But being a mum and writing are two parts of who I am. I'm doing the PR/copywriting stuff BECAUSE I'm a mum and want to work from home. It wouldn't be happening without Duncan. So it's all one big blog, I've decided (I did move the blog, though, to www.silandara.com/blog/)

19/3/06 7:36 PM  
Blogger Christa M. Miller said...

Thanks for the feedback, folks. Given the lack of time I've had lately, I think I'll have to stick with one blog! Anyway it's not like I have a "career" writing fiction. ;)

Anne and Bethany - thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your comments. :)

Silandara, I did see that you'd moved your blog. Good luck on the PR! I've done PR for an architectural firm in KS for about the last year. Very interesting work, and easier to take than articles IMO. I'll be interested to see what your experiences are!

22/3/06 11:00 AM  

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