Friday, February 03, 2006

Time management for writing mothers

M.J. Rose's latest "Dr. Sue" entry has some great tips on time management. The writer asking the question is a real estate agent, but substitute "mother" for that job title - I suspect many of you will see yourselves. I sure did. Dr. Sue's advice validates the experience I already found for myself; she suggests working as an editor or proofreader during "interruptable" time, saving writing for the times of day least likely to see interruption, and being flexible. Nice to have that validation!

Obviously, however, everyone's experiences are different. What are some more ways you manage your writing-and-childcare time?


Blogger M. G. Tarquini said...

I sign my kids up for activities. Ones that take hours to complete. Then I have time to write. When they were little, I put them in daycare.

Don't tell anybody.

9/2/06 1:54 PM  
Anonymous kj said...

I can't work with them around at all, actually--so I'm a late night, babysitter writer. The youngest sees the lap top and starts yelling "Puter! Puter!" The oldest is obsessed with Word's paperclip help guy. "Make him do something!" Hard to even proofread under those circs--but that is the kind of think I do during nap/tv time--that and email and any surfing I have in mind. That's my interruptable stuff, I guess.
I also like to work in places with no intervet access--i have, shall we say, a little problem!

11/2/06 7:38 PM  

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