Monday, April 24, 2006

Copy and paste

I'm totally cheating. On a writing forum I belong to, I answered a post asking what we all were up to and then realized I could cheat: I could copy and paste, and it would be relevant because I mentioned the boy! Hey, my words, my copyright. So it begins:

My head is spinning at the moment. Besides the bill-paying freelance stuff, I have:
  • The novel. Always the novel. Always the tweaking even as I send queries and partials. I'm told this is a common affliction among even seasoned novelists.
  • Short stories that keep politely asking to be written, but like a toddler asking to go outside on a rainy day, must be distracted with video. (Not Thomas the Tank Engine, either. The husband was kind enough to buy the first season of Rescue Me for my birthday - you know, one of "your" presents that he wants and yet is unwilling to wait for - and it's one of those shows that, like The Shield, is great for angst and human complexity and all the stuff I can study while... not... writing.)
  • The aforementioned novel's sequel.
  • Personal issues kicking my butt and cutting into my writing time. Also like a toddler, completely unavoidable. In fact, very much like a toddler demanding his favorite food (Goldfish) even though he has been eating it nonstop during every meal for three days straight.
  • This blog. And yet here I am.
  • Updating my website, which Sandra was kind enough to redesign. Her design kicks butt. I am hoping to find time soon to show the world how much it kicks butt. (At least I paid you on time, Sandra. Right?)
My thanks for all my readers' continued patience!


Blogger Sandra Ruttan said...

Oh Christa! Don't stress! All is good!

Relax, deep breaths, you'll be fine. It's scary, stressful, exciting all at once. It's hard not to worry, just focus on one thing at a time and don't take on anything unnecessary!

26/4/06 1:24 PM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

Busy, busy. I agree...breath, relax, catch my drift.

26/4/06 2:49 PM  

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