Monday, June 27, 2005

All except the au pair and the bathrobe

Harley Jane Kozak wrote over on The Lipstick Chronicles about her writing life, which had me laughing and nodding and ultimately so happy to see other writer parents (plural includes at least one of her comments) blog about working around family. Although I try to wear real clothes instead of PJs and bathrobes while I work, and The Grandmas' visits are not nearly as frequent (or as distraction-free) as an au pair's would be, I could pretty much relate to everything else Harley talked about. Including hiding in a bathroom to write. (I was trying to escape my husband's boisterous relatives and their obnoxious political arguments that no one ever wins, hard as they try.)

Oh, but there's one other thing I don't relate to: three pages a day. Nope, it sounds terrible, but I don't even keep track. I pretty much work until I feel sated. Sometimes I go to bed hungry (read: got at most a paragraph for the day) but at least at this stage of my career, all I want is to finish a really good story. Until I figure out a process, per-day page goals would probably hurt me. But then, it took Harley eight years to finish her first novel, too. I guess I'm in good company.


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