Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Censorship and my child

I'm not a liberal. I'm not a neo-con either. I try to align my morals and my politics with my Catholic faith, yet I was raised Protestant in liberal parishes, which is why I am so deeply conflicted about homosexuality (not hating gays, not planning to raise my kid to hate gays, yet unable to forget God's opinion of the act).

But this example of unadulterated censorship - and the curious lack of treatment on litblogs - has me pretty steamed. Restricting others from the human experience by restricting access to art does not fit my definition of Christianity. As I explained to a group of other moms on a bulletin board to which I belong, I may be conflicted about homosexuality, but it's not going away - and I'd rather my son learned about it from positive sources, like literature, than from hatemongers.

If we all love books so much, why is the outcry limited to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU? Have I missed something?


Blogger Meg said...

Tried to access the site, but they wanted my ZIP code and DOB. Fugeddabout it.

My "favorite" website in this context is -- are you ready for this? -- I just can't get my head around "God" and "hate" occupying the same sentence.

That said, my own take on homosexuals: You can't help who you are. You *can* help what you do about it. No one says celibacy is easy, but neither is living in a relationship. Each has its own temptations, and each has its own rewards.

And church communities should be offering all the support they can to homosexuals who have committed to living Christian lives -- as homosexuals. IOW, as celibates.


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