Friday, March 04, 2005

It's on days like today...

... that I sincerely hope my son will always (and I do mean always) be content with my leaving him in his crib with his doggie and his books while I do business.

Not much business got done today. There was the tantrum at seeing golf clubs on The Today Show that he couldn't have. (He's obsessed with long-handled objects.) There was the clamor to sit on my lap, to write with pens. (I created a monster.) Then, the demand for pens other than those I had given him. The refusal to sleep. (Another molar is coming in, and if I had a brain left, I would have called the doctor to find out if Motrin interacts with Dimetapp.) My last desperate attempt to entertain The Boy Who Wouldn't with dishwashing. (Bad idea. He tried to help.) And finally, my total abandonment of any attempt to be Supermom. Take Our Children to Work Day came early this year as I brought my son to his father's classroom for the last Economics class of the day. The teenagers loved it. The boy loved the chalkboard.

Then I came home and read this blog. And Lord, I don't ever want to be in Liz's position. Ever. Especially not on a day like today.


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